Why SmartOffice Access?

You’re a growing business and you’re tired of dealing with keycards for door-entry control, especially during our current pandemic situation. Lost or stolen cards, provisioning new employees and needing to be on-site to onboard them, even if they might not need office access right away. And it’s time better spent especially if they are contract or simply seasonal workers when you’re going to have to do the same thing to offboard them.
You need a solution that is contactless, offering centralized instant provisioning and onboarding, while delivering improved security over the keycard system. It also needs to be simple to install and affordable. Welcome to SmartOffice Access.

Just by using a mobile app, users can open/close office doors, whether inside, or remote over their own Wifi and wireless networks. It uses wireless IoT technology making for a wire-free installation! Just install as many of our door locks as you need, stick on some sensors throughout the office and configure the entire solution using your phone.

By removing the keycard or fob and moving door-entry to the cloud, SmartOffice Access centralizes control, monitoring and access to your office(s), saving you time, money and most importantly improving your corporate security!

With SmartOffice Access you can:

  • Onboard new employees remotely with our automatic self-onboarding process. New users receive an email on their mobile device with instructions where to download the app and includes a secure log -in link, directly to their own account.
  • Disable door-entry for any user from the centralized web portal. Perfect if you have seasonal workers!
  • Deliver contactless approach via the mobile app
Have guests that are staying at the office for a short time or maybe students coming in for training on your products? Our intuitive guest access can enable access based on schedule so that you know who has access to your office at all times.

Contactless, Wireless and truly affordable. Now That’s Smart!

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