Build Your Solution​

Start With The Basics

To get started you’ll need to purchase one SmartOffice Gateway and one SmartOffice Manager per location you are setting up, then at least one license package. You may need more license packages based on how many door kits you are installing.

Choose Your Door Kit(s)

For a complete wireless setup choose at least one of the below lever lock or deadbolt kits to install on your doors. If you are integrating SmartOffice with an existing access control, you’ll need the SmartOffice MagStrike Controller Kit to control those doors with maglocks and door strikes. All kits are compatible with each other, at the same time too!

Wireless Door Kit Catalog

Each wireless door kit comes paired with one lever or deadbolt lock (with ZigBee Wireless Module included), one door contact sensor, and one motion sensor. 

Heavy Duty Lever Lock

SmartOffice Wireless Door Kit Deadbolt for Heavy Duty Lock - Product Image

Lever Lock

SmartOffice Wireless Door Kit for a Lever Lock - Product Image

Deadbolt Lock

SmartOffice Wireless Door Kit for Deadbolts - Product Image

Optional Add-ons

Integrate seamlessly with your current access control system by using SmartOffice Add-ons. Save time and money – Upgrade what you have, and only buy what you need.

SmartOffice MagStrike

SmartOffice Mag/Strike Controller Kit

SmartOffice Extra Door Sensor Kit

SmartOffice Door Sensor

SmartOffice Range Extender

SmartOffice Range Exentder

Download The App

SmartOffice Mobile App

SmartOffice is controlled and operated via the mobile app for iOS and Android.

Employees use the app to gain entry to doors while administrators have the ability to manage hardware devices, configure settings, and receive access notifications.

Setting up new users is easy! Simply use the SmartOffice Manager interface within the phone system to send an auto-provisioning email.

Do you already have access control?

New Building Without Pre-Existing Access Control

If you are moving into a brand new building location where no door entry system is installed or you are still using physical keys for access, take advantage of a completely wireless door lock setup with SmartOffice.

You’ll need:

Locks kit(s) - One door lock kit is required for each door you want SmartOffice to control, wirelessly. Door kits include one wireless door lock, one motion sensor to unlock the door, and one door sensor which sends status notifications back to the SmartOffice gateway.

SmartOffice wireless door kits are offered in various door lock options: external door, internal door, and deadbolt—based on your needs.

SmartOffice Gateway - Controls all the wireless SmartOffice devices in the premises, including wireless door locks, door sensors, and motion sensors. One gateway can control up to 20 wireless doors (including the sensors), which means most small businesses will only require one gateway at their premises.

SmartOffice Manager - Licensed software which installs into your existing PBXact or FreePBX phone system.

Mobile App - Need to operate and control SmartOffice.

Building With pre-existing Access Control

If your office already has an existing access control system with maglocks or door strikes, where staff unlock doors using keycards or fobs, you have two options:

Option 1: Continue to use your magnetic locks and door strikes and upgrade to SmartOffice to eliminate key cards and fobs for door access, and replace with the SmartOffice Mobile app

  • This option requires the MagStrike Controller to be installed within your wiring closet where the existing access control equipment is located. This device will electronically control your magnetic locks and door strikes, while communicating wirelessly with the SmartOffice gateway.
  • The rest of the components detailed in the previous new building setup are also required, except the wireless door kits.

Option 2: Option 1 + Wireless door. SmartOffice works together with existing access control systems so that businesses can migrate to wireless doors

  • This option requires both the MagStrike Controller to control the magnetic locks and door strikes, and wireless door kit for wireless door installation.

You can also continue to use your keycards and fobs together with any of the above options too!

SmartOffice Installation

SmartOffice is supported by North American Sangoma partners who are certified access control integrators and can help with your entire deployment.

Let us Help You

Contact us to be introduced to a Sangoma Partner closest to your location. Whether you are installing for a new office location or upgrading your existing setup, one of our integrators will come by for an on-site visit to evaluate your requirements and provide you with a quote. 

Many installations are completed in under four hours, regardless if you are installing for a new location or upgrading an existing system. 

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