Cloud-Based Wireless Access Control For North American Small Businesses

Say goodbye to the days of cost-prohibitive door entry solutions that are inconvenient for users and a headache for administrators.

About SmartOffice™ Access Control

Sangoma SmartOffice Access is a cloud-based wireless access control as a service (ACaaS) solution for North American small business, allowing employees to control door access completely from a smartphone app.

SmartOffice Access delivers complete wireless door entry convenience, making it a perfect key replacement solution that is innovative and affordable.

By leveraging your existing wiring, network, and employee credential infrastructure, SmartOffice Access is easy to install and use. No running wires to doors or controllers, or drilling through walls.  Simply install wireless locks, attach door sensors, and plug in some basic hardware and, in a matter of hours, you’ll have complete visibility into and control over who’s accessing your office space – all from your mobile phone.

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Controls user permissions and license management 1 of 4

Controlled wirelessly without any drilling or wiring

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Controls wireless door locks and sensors and reports back monitoring information to the user

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Lock & unlock doors from the SmartOffice App, using WiFi or your wireless network connection.

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Contactless Cardless Access Control

Enjoy the convenience of unlocking office doors using only your smartphone, creating a safer contactless environment for employees, reducing the need to touch key cards and fobs and door readers and possibly spreading contaminants throughout the office space.

Simple Onboarding
and Easy Management

An iPhone mockup showing the group by location favorites tab of the SmartOffice iOS app

All-in-One Solution

SmartOffice Access is a complete ACaaS solution which includes everything you need, such as wireless door locks, sensors, software and controllers. In as little as 4 hours, your business and staff can have a complete app-controlled door access solution.

Affordable and Secure

The use of wireless IoT technologies and mobile access credentials makes SmartOffice Access very intuitive and cost-effective for businesses requiring frictionless door access control. 

Plus, full control using a mobile app means SmartOffice Access is further protected by the strong biometric identification technology built into today’s smartphones, such as TouchID and FaceID. Lost phones are much more secure than lost key cards!

Compatible with Existing Doors
and Infrastructure

SmartOffice Access provides a plug-and-play option for businesses with existing access control systems for their doors, seamlessly interfacing with our ACaaS Cloud service. This saves you time and money!

*Check with your municipal building bylaws for compliance

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Access control is a method of guaranteeing that users are who they say they are and that they have the appropriate access to premise doors and offices. An access control system allows you to manage, monitor, and maintain who has access to certain doors and at what time they can access them.

SmartOffice uses Zigbee wireless technology to provide encrypted and secure communication between all the wireless devices.

Yes, Smartoffice is compatible with your existing access control system. So if you have mag locks or door strikes, SmartOffice plugs right in with the MagStrike Controller. *Check with your municipal building bylaws for compliance

SmartOffice is fully controlled with a mobile app.  Employees use it to lock and unlock doors without a keycard or fob. Admin users use the app to setup and configure SmartOffice, as well as receive notifications.

Yes. SmartOffice uses Sangoma’s Cloud based licensing service which verifies that all the hardware and software is registered to the correct business and blocks any malicious attempts to gain access. Also, the mobile app uses the person’s mobile security, such as Face ID or Touch ID, and every lock/unlock attempt from the app is authenticated first.

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